Geno 2.0 Y-Chromosome Genome Comparison
Extending Y-DNA Haplogroup Knowledge via Collaboration

Y-Chromosome data contains no information about medical conditions or health traits


Project Goals

·     Encourage discussion and involve other people in the data search

·     Extend the definition of the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree by identifying new SNPs

Sharing Geno 2.0 Y-Chromosome Data

·      Login on the Genographic site

·      Go the “Expert Options” tab on your “Profile” page
Some browsers may not take you directly to the “Expert Options” tab
If you do not see a “DOWNLOAD DATA” section on the page, please click on the “Expert Options” tab at the right side of the toolbar in the middle of the page

·      Click “DOWNLOAD.CSV” and save the Xxxxxxxx.csv.gz file on your local disk

·      E-mail the Xxxxxxxx.csv.gz to me at itai.nainggolan.perez at gmail dot com (replace ‘at’ by ‘@’ and ‘dot’ by ‘.’)
Note that some computers will automatically unpack the Xxxxxxxx.csv.gz file
If so, e-mail me the Xxxxxxxx.csv file that was created

·      When submitting the file, please specify:

·                               Is this an anonymous submission? If yes, no identifying or contact information will be published.

·                               Surname to use with data (normally yours, but anonymous or geographic location OK)

·                               Your FTDNA kit number if you have transferred your results to FTDNA (optional)

Project Data

·     Keep track of updates via the facebook community
Geno 2.0 YDNA SNPs Comparison facebook page

·     Check the project spreadsheets (zipped Excel 2003)
Currently tracking 12317 SNPs with over 40 samples shared by the user community!

·      Compare file:

·      Results file:

This second file shows more clearly the results of the SNP testing (ancestral or derived), but since it takes more time to do, will be less regularly updated.


Links to Web Resources 

Sharing 23andme Y-SNP Raw Data

·     Go to Adriano Squecco YDNA SNPs Comparison Project web and facebook page:



Thank you for sharing your data, your time, and your ideas and
helping us further our understanding of the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree.
This is a volunteer non-commercial effort and is not associated with any DNA testing company.

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